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DML-CZ is the Czech Digital Mathematics Library created in order to digitize, preserve and make easily accessible the major part of mathematical literature that has been published in the Czech lands since the 19th century. See the About DML-CZ for more details.
DML-CZ presents papers from selected Czech mathematics journals, proceedings and monographs published by Czech institutions converted to the digital form. The number of documents available in the DML-CZ is gradually increasing. Click on the Browse-Collections link on the DML-CZ home page to check currently available collections.
Full texts as well as metadata of all objects presented in the DML-CZ are freely available supposing the Condition of Use are respected.
The DML-CZ digital library resulted from the project no. 1ET200190513 (2005-2009) supported by the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic in the R&D programme Information Society. The project has been accomplished from 1st January 2005 to 31st December 2009 by five teams from Czech academic institutions. A number of Charles University and Masaryk University undergraduate and graduate students were involved as well.
Though the DML-CZ research project itself has been accomplished (see the final report), the digital library DML-CZ will be further developed and complemented using the created tools and processes. New documents are being continuously supplied and the integration of DML-CZ into the European Digital Mathematics Library EuDML is being set up.
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