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Title: On the theory of ratio estimates (English)
Author: Hájek, Jaroslav
Language: English
Journal: Aplikace matematiky
ISSN: 0373-6725
Volume: 3
Issue: 5
Year: 1958
Pages: 384-398
Summary lang: Russian
Summary lang: Czech
Category: math
Keyword: statistics
MSC: 62-00
MSC: 62D05
MSC: 62F25
idZBL: Zbl 0156.39804
idMR: MR0100946
DOI: 10.21136/AM.1958.102632
Date available: 2008-05-20T17:11:36Z
Last updated: 2020-07-28
Stable URL:
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Reference: [9] Hájek J.: Representativní výbor skupin metodou dvou fází.Statistický obzor, XXIX, 1949, 384-394.


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