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Title: A note on nonuniform nonresonance for jumping nonlinearities (English)
Author: Invernizzi, Sergio
Language: English
Journal: Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae
ISSN: 0010-2628 (print)
ISSN: 1213-7243 (online)
Volume: 27
Issue: 2
Year: 1986
Pages: 285-291
Category: math
MSC: 34B15
MSC: 34C25
MSC: 47H12
MSC: 47H15
MSC: 47J10
idZBL: Zbl 0603.34016
idMR: MR857548
Date available: 2008-06-05T21:24:55Z
Last updated: 2012-04-28
Stable URL:
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