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Issue 2,  Volume 30, 1989 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

203-211 Free lattices over halflattices.  Ježek, Jaroslav; Slavík, Václav
213-225 Topological hulls revisited.  Koslowski, Jürgen
227-234 Representation of semigroups by products of simple graphs.  Puš, Vladimír
235-241 Remarks on Krasnoselskii bifurcation theorem.  Chiappinelli, Raffaele
243-247 Smooth functions and zero traces.  Doktor, Pavel
249-252 Weak convergence theorems for asymptotically nonexpansive mappings in uniformly convex Banach spaces.  Górnicki, Jarosław
253-260 Integral manifold of the parabolic differential equation with deviating argument.  Kossaczká, Lubica
261-270 Orlicz lattices with modular topology. I.  Nowak, Marian
271-279 Orlicz lattices with modular topology. II.  Nowak, Marian
281-302 Solvability and multiplicity results for variational inequalities.  Quittner, Pavol
303-316 Smoothing effect and regularity for evolution integrodifferential systems.  Slodička, Marián
317-320 A note on the almost left and almost right joint spectra of R. Harte.  Sołtysiak, Andrzej
321-322 Unconditionally convergent series of compact operators.  Swartz, Charles
323-326 Five equivalent theorems on a convex subset of a topological vector space.  Tarafdar, Enayat
327-346 The homogeneous Dirichlet problem for non-elliptic partial differential equations with strong nonlinearities.  Warnecke, Gerald
347-356 Probability in the alternative set theory.  Kalina, Martin
357-372 Borel classes in AST. Measurability, cuts and equivalence.  Kalina, Martin; Zlatoš, Pavol
373-376 On Baire approximations of normal integrands.  Kucia, Anna; Nowak, Andrzej
377-384 Notes on characterization of paracompact frames.  Pultr, Aleš; Úlehla, Josef
385-387 On the $Hp$-theorem for hypersurfaces.  Rotondaro, Giovanni
389-393 On natural connections on Riemannian manifolds.  Slovák, Jan
395-402 The Mal'tsev operation on countably compact spaces.  Uspenskij, Vladimir Vladimirovich
403-404 An extension of the Borel lemma.  Anděl, Jiří; Dupač, Václav
405-407 A central limit theorem for non stationary mixing processes.  Volný, Dalibor
409 [In memoriam of Professor Svatopluk Fučík].  
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