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order-preserving function; ordered vector space; cone; solid set; continuity
Let the spaces $\bold R^m$ and $\bold R^n$ be ordered by cones $P$ and $Q$ respectively, let $A$ be a nonempty subset of $\bold R^m$, and let $f:A\longrightarrow \bold R^n$ be an order-preserving function. Suppose that $P$ is generating in $\bold R^m$, and that $Q$ contains no affine line. Then $f$ is locally bounded on the interior of $A$, and continuous almost everywhere with respect to the Lebesgue measure on $\bold R^m$. If in addition $P$ is a closed halfspace and if $A$ is connected, then $f$ is continuous if and only if the range $f(A)$ is connected.
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