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MSC: 00A99
Kaiser, Tomáš: Piercing problems and topological methods. El Bashir, Robert: Modules commuting in functor Hom with limits. Eisner, Jan: Bifurcations for reaction-diffusion systems conditions given by inclusions. Tharwat, Asem: Solution of optimization problem on attainable of extremal separable operators. Fašangová, Eva: Long-time behaviour of solutions of evolution problems. Kovářová, Marie: Multiple state models of permanent health insurance estimating per capita expenses. Lávička, Roman: Laplacians in Hilbert spaces and sequences in Banach spaces. Fryšová, Darina: Financial management in insurance companies: application in life insurance. Popela, Pavel: An object-oriented approach to multistage stochastic programming: models and algorithms. Severa, Vladislav: Invariant differential operators on spinor-valued differential forms.
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