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weakly pseudocompact spaces; GLOTS; compactifications; locally bounded spaces; proto-metrizable spaces
A space $X$ is {\it truly weakly pseudocompact} if $X$ is either weakly pseudocompact or Lindelöf locally compact. We prove: (1) every locally weakly pseudocompact space is truly weakly pseudocompact if it is either a generalized linearly ordered space, or a proto-metrizable zero-dimensional space with $\chi (x,X)>\omega$ for every $x\in X$; (2) every locally bounded space is truly weakly pseudocompact; (3) for $\omega < \kappa <\alpha$, the $\kappa$-Lindelöfication of a discrete space of cardinality $\alpha$ is weakly pseudocompact if $\kappa = \kappa ^\omega$.
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