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independent family; irresolvable; submaximal
We show that the small cardinal number $i = \min \{\vert \Cal A \vert : \Cal A$ is a maximal independent family\} has the following topological characterization: $i = \min \{\kappa \leq c: \{0,1\}^{\kappa}$ has a dense irresolvable countable subspace\}, where $\{0,1\}^{\kappa}$ denotes the Cantor cube of weight $\kappa$. As a consequence of this result, we have that the Cantor cube of weight $c$ has a dense countable submaximal subspace, if we assume (ZFC plus $i=c$), or if we work in the Bell-Kunen model, where $i = {\aleph_{1}}$ and $c = {\aleph_{\omega_1}}$.
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