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MSC: 00A99
Leischner, Pavel: Spatial imagination development of the secondary school pupils. Mašíček, Libor: Diagnostics and sensitivity of robust models. Duintjer Tebbens, Erik Jurjen: Modern methods for solving linear problems. Matonoha, Ctirad: Numerical realization of trust region methods. Duda, Jakub: Delta convexity, metric projection and negligible sets. Smrčka, Michael: Choquet's theory in function spaces. Hanika, Jiří: Search problems and bounded arithmetic. Pawlas, Zbyněk: Asymptotics in stochastic geometry. Bodlák, Karel: Methods of stereology and spatial statistics in applications. Čapek, Václav: M-smoothers Zvára, Petr: Prediction in non-linear autoregressive processes. Blanda, Jiří: Pricing of life insurance products Finfrle, Pavel: Model for calculation of liability value arising from life insurance. Finěk Václav: Orthonormal wavelets and their applications. Stanovský David : Left distributive left quasigroups. Koblížková, Michaela: Polyhedra and secondary school mathematics. Krýsl, Svatopluk: Invariant differential operators for projective contact geometries. Šmíd, Dalibor: Properties of invariant differential operators. Šmíd, Martin: Notes on approximation of stochastic programming problems. Komárková, Lenka: Change point problem for censored data. Kechlibar, Marian: Commutative algebra and cryptography.
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