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three-web; torsion tensor of a web; distribution; projector; manifold; connection; web
A 3-web on a smooth $2n$-dimensional manifold can be regarded locally as a triple of integrable $n$-distributions which are pairwise complementary, [5]; that is, we can work on the tangent bundle only. This approach enables us to describe a $3$-web and its properties by invariant $(1,1)$-tensor fields $P$ and $B$ where $P$ is a projector and $B^2=$ id. The canonical Chern connection of a web-manifold can be introduced using this tensor fields, [1]. Our aim is to express the torsion tensor $T$ of the Chern connection through the Nijenhuis $(1,2)$-tensor field $[P,B]$, and to verify that $[P,B]=0$ is a necessary and sufficient conditions for vanishing of the torsion $T$.
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