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Sufficient conditions are presented for all bounded solutions of the linear system of delay differential equations \[ (-1)^{m+1}\frac{d^my_i(t)}{dt^m} + \sum ^n_{j=1} q_{ij} y_j(t-h_{jj})=0, \quad m \ge 1, \ i=1,2,\ldots ,n, \] to be oscillatory, where $q_{ij} \varepsilon (-\infty ,\infty )$, $h_{jj} \in (0,\infty )$, $i,j = 1,2,\ldots ,n$. Also, we study the oscillatory behavior of all bounded solutions of the linear system of neutral differential equations \[ (-1)^{m+1} \frac{d^m}{dt^m} (y_i(t)+cy_i(t-g)) + \sum ^n_{j=1} q_{ij} y_j (t-h)=0, \] where $c$, $g$ and $h$ are real constants and $i=1,2,\ldots ,n$.
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