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Ordinary differential equations; integral equations; periodic boundary value problems
We investigate the problem with perturbed periodic boundary values \[ \left\rbrace \begin{array}{ll}y^{\prime \prime \prime }(x) + a_2(x) y^{\prime \prime }(x) + a_1(x) y^{\prime }(x) + a_0(x) y(x) = f(x) , y^{(i)}(T) = c y^{(i)}(0), \ i = 0, 1, 2; \ 0 < c < 1 \end{array}\right.\] with $a_2, a_1, a_0 \in C[0,T]$ for some arbitrary positive real number $T$, by transforming the problem into an integral equation with the aid of a piecewise polynomial and utilizing the Fredholm alternative theorem to obtain a condition on the uniform norms of the coefficients $a_2$, $a_1$ and $a_0$ which guarantees unique solvability of the problem. Besides having theoretical value, this problem has also important applications since decay is a phenomenon that all physical signals and quantities (amplitude, velocity, acceleration, curvature, etc.) experience.
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