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semisymmetric Riemannian manifolds; semiparallel submanifolds; isometric immersions; planar foliated manifolds
A Riemannian manifold is said to be semisymmetric if $R(X,Y)\cdot R=0$. A submanifold of Euclidean space which satisfies $\bar{R}(X,Y)\cdot h=0$ is called semiparallel. It is known that semiparallel submanifolds are intrinsically semisymmetric. But can every semisymmetric manifold be immersed isometrically as a semiparallel submanifold? This problem has been solved up to now only for the dimension 2, when the answer is affirmative for the positive Gaussian curvature. Among semisymmetric manifolds a special role is played by the foliated ones, which in the dimension 3 are divided by Kowalski into four classes: elliptic, hyperbolic, parabolic and planar. It is shown now that only the planar ones can be immersed isometrically into Euclidean spaces as 3-dimensional semiparallel submanifolds. This result is obtained by a complete classification of such submanifolds.
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