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jet of fibered manifold morphism; contact element; Weil bundle; natural operator
For every product preserving bundle functor $T^\mu $ on fibered manifolds, we describe the underlying functor of any order $(r,s,q), s\ge r\le q$. We define the bundle $K_{k,l}^{r,s,q} Y$ of $(k,l)$-dimensional contact elements of the order $(r,s,q)$ on a fibered manifold $Y$ and we characterize its elements geometrically. Then we study the bundle of general contact elements of type $\mu $. We also determine all natural transformations of $K_{k,l}^{r,s,q} Y$ into itself and of $T(K_{k,l}^{r,s,q} Y)$ into itself and we find all natural operators lifting projectable vector fields and horizontal one-forms from $Y$ to $K_{k,l}^{r,s,q} Y$.
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