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induced norm; generalized induced norm; algebra norm; the full matrix algebra; unitarily invariant; generalized induced congruent
Let $\Vert {\cdot }\Vert $ be a norm on the algebra ${\mathcal M}_n$ of all $n\times n$ matrices over ${\mathbb{C}}$. An interesting problem in matrix theory is that “Are there two norms $\Vert {\cdot }\Vert _1$ and $\Vert {\cdot }\Vert _2$ on ${\mathbb{C}}^n$ such that $\Vert A\Vert =\max \lbrace \Vert Ax\Vert _{2}\: \Vert x\Vert _{1}=1\rbrace $ for all $A\in {\mathcal M}_n$?” We will investigate this problem and its various aspects and will discuss some conditions under which $\Vert {\cdot }\Vert _1=\Vert {\cdot }\Vert _2$.
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