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$MV$-algebra; idempotent modification; subdirect reducibility
The notion of idempotent modification of an algebra was introduced by Ježek. He proved that the idempotent modification of a group is subdirectly irreducible. For an $MV$-algebra $\mathcal A$ we denote by $\mathcal A^{\prime }, A$ and $\ell (\mathcal A)$ the idempotent modification, the underlying set or the underlying lattice of $\mathcal A$, respectively. In the present paper we prove that if $\mathcal A$ is semisimple and $\ell (\mathcal A)$ is a chain, then $\mathcal A^{\prime }$ is subdirectly irreducible. We deal also with a question of Ježek concerning varieties of algebras.
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