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Issue 5,  Volume 35, 1999 (Kybernetika)

[527]-554 Weighted $\Cal H_\infty$ mixed-sensitivity minimization for stable distributed parameter plants under sampled data control.  Carter, Delano R.; Rodriguez, Armando A.
[555]-586 $\ell^1$-optimal control for multirate systems under full state feedback.  Aubrecht, Johannes; Voulgaris, Petros G.
[587]-598 Numerical operations among rational matrices: standard techniques and interpolation.  Hušek, Petr; Šebek, Michael; Štecha, Jan
[599]-612 Global asymptotic stabilisation of an active mass damper for a flexible beam.  Menini, Laura; Tornambè, Antonio; Zaccarian, Luca
[613]-636 A simplex trained neural network-based architecture for sensor fusion and tracking of target maneuvers.  Wong, Yee Chin; Sundareshan, Malur K.
[637]-650 Robust quasi NID aircraft 3D flight control under sensor noise.  Błachuta, Marian J.; Yurkevich, Valery D.; Wojciechowski, Konrad
[651]-664 Modeling and simulation of a blood pump for the development of a left ventricular assist system controller.  Yu, Yih-Choung; Boston, J. Robert; Simaan, Marwan A.; Miller, Phil J.; Antaki, James F.
[665]-666 Book reviews.  
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