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Issue 3,  Volume 27, 1977 (Mathematica Slovaca)

209-212 Admissible operations in categories of algebras.  Žembery, Ivan
213-220 On the Chinese remainder theorem of H. Draškovičová.  Cornish, William H.
221-229 A class of subadditively continuous real functions.  Farková, Jana
231-237 Decomposition of complete bipartite graphs into factors with given radii.  Tomová, Eliška
239-241 An elementary proof of the Fubini-Stone theorem.  Dobrakov, Ivan
243-248 Somewhat continuity and some other generalisations of continuity.  Prakash, Anand; Srivastava, Pramila
249-256 Chains in modular ternary latticoids.  Hedlíková, Jarmila
257-265 Horizontal structures on fibre manifolds.  Dekrét, Anton
267-276 On random variables having values in a vector lattice.  Potocký, Rastislav
277-286 The lattice of all subtrees of a tree.  Zelinka, Bohdan
287-292 Lattices with a third distributive operation.  Jakubík, Ján; Kolibiar, Milan
293-301 Product of dominated vector measures.  Duchoň, Miloslav
303-305 Conditions for independence of varieties.  Draškovičová, Hilda
307-314 Generalized continuity and separate continuity.  Neubrunn, Tibor
315-317 News and Notices.  
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