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neutral type difference equation; third order difference equation; nonoscillatory solutions; asymptotic behavior
In the paper we consider the difference equation of neutral type $$ \Delta ^{3}[x(n)-p(n)x(\sigma (n))] + q(n)f(x(\tau (n)))=0, \quad n \in \Bbb N (n_0), $$ where $p,q\colon\Bbb N(n_0)\rightarrow \Bbb R_+$; $\sigma , \tau \colon\Bbb N\rightarrow \Bbb Z$, $\sigma $ is strictly increasing and $\lim \limits _{n \rightarrow \infty }\sigma (n)=\infty ;$ $\tau $ is nondecreasing and $\lim \limits _{n \rightarrow \infty }\tau (n)=\infty $, $f\colon\Bbb R\rightarrow {\Bbb R}$, $xf(x)>0$. We examine the following two cases: \[ 0<p(n)\leq \lambda ^*< 1,\quad \sigma (n)=n-k,\quad \tau (n)=n-l, \] and \[1<\lambda _*\leq p(n),\quad \sigma (n)=n+k,\quad \tau (n)=n+l,\] where $k$, $l$ are positive integers. We obtain sufficient conditions under which all nonoscillatory solutions of the above equation tend to zero as $n\rightarrow \infty $ with a weaker assumption on $q$ than the usual assumption $\sum \limits _{i=n_0}^{\infty }q(i)=\infty $ that is used in literature.
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