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MSC: 70K40, 74H65
practical synchronization; impulsive control; $n$-dimensional nonautonomous systems; parameter mismatch; gyrostat system
This paper is concerned with impulsive practical synchronization in a class of n-dimensional nonautonomous dynamical systems with parameter mismatch. Some simple yet general algebraic synchronization criteria are derived based on the developed practical stability theory on impulsive dynamical systems. A distinctive feature of this work is that the impulsive control strategy is used to make n-dimensional nonautonomous dynamical systems with parameter mismatch achieve practical synchronization, where the parameter mismatch likewise exist in both system parameters and external excitation ones, and the synchronization error bound can be estimated by an analytical expression. Subsequently, the obtained results are applied to a typical gyrostat system, and numerical simulations demonstrate the effectiveness of the criteria and the robustness of the control technique.
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