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Stokes problem; generalized Newtonian fluids; regularity; nonautonomous functionals; local minimizer
We discuss regularity results concerning local minimizers $u: \mathbb R^n\supset \Omega\rightarrow\mathbb R^n$ of variational integrals like \begin{align*} \int_{\Omega}\{F(\cdot ,\varepsilon (w))-f\cdot w\}\,dx \end{align*} defined on energy classes of solenoidal fields. For the potential $F$ we assume a $(p,q)$-elliptic growth condition. In the situation without $x$-dependence it is known that minimizers are of class $C^{1,\alpha }$ on an open subset $\Omega_{0}$ of $\Omega$ with full measure if $q< p\,\frac{n+2}{n}$ (for $n=2$ we have $\Omega_{0}=\Omega$). In this article we extend this to the case of nonautonomous integrands. Of course our result extends to weak solutions of the corresponding nonlinear Stokes type system.
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