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diagonal of a mapping; separately continuous mapping; Baire-one mapping; equiconnected space; strongly $\sigma$-metrizable space
We prove the result on Baire classification of mappings $f:X\times Y\to Z$ which are continuous with respect to the first variable and belongs to a Baire class with respect to the second one, where $X$ is a $PP$-space, $Y$ is a topological space and $Z$ is a strongly $\sigma$-metrizable space with additional properties. We show that for any topological space $X$, special equiconnected space $Z$ and a mapping $g:X\to Z$ of the $(n-1)$-th Baire class there exists a strongly separately continuous mapping $f:X^n\to Z$ with the diagonal $g$. For wide classes of spaces $X$ and $Z$ we prove that diagonals of separately continuous mappings $f:X^n\to Z$ are exactly the functions of the $(n-1)$-th Baire class. An example of equiconnected space $Z$ and a Baire-one mapping $g:[0,1]\to Z$, which is not a diagonal of any separately continuous mapping $f:[0,1]^2\to Z$, is constructed.
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