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cardinality; Discrete Countable Chain Condition; normal space; rank 2-diagonal; $G_\delta $-diagonal
A topological space $X$ has a rank 2-diagonal if there exists a diagonal sequence on $X$ of rank $2$, that is, there is a countable family $\{\mathcal U_n\colon n\in \omega \}$ of open covers of $X$ such that for each $x \in X$, $\{x\}=\bigcap \{{\rm St}^2(x, \mathcal U_n)\colon n \in \omega \}$. We say that a space $X$ satisfies the Discrete Countable Chain Condition (DCCC for short) if every discrete family of nonempty open subsets of $X$ is countable. We mainly prove that if $X$ is a DCCC normal space with a rank 2-diagonal, then the cardinality of $X$ is at most $\mathfrak c$. Moreover, we prove that if $X$ is a first countable DCCC normal space and has a $G_\delta $-diagonal, then the cardinality of $X$ is at most $\mathfrak c$.
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