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event-based communication protocol; fading measurements; stochastic coupling strength; nonlinear dynamical networks; monotonicity analysis
This paper is concerned with the design of event-based state estimation algorithm for nonlinear complex networks with fading measurements and stochastic coupling strength. The event-based communication protocol is employed to save energy and enhance the network transmission efficiency, where the changeable event-triggered threshold is adopted to adjust the data transmission frequency. The phenomenon of fading measurements is described by a series of random variables obeying certain probability distribution. The aim of the paper is to propose a new recursive event-based state estimation strategy such that, for the admissible linearization error, fading measurements and stochastic coupling strength, a minimum upper bound of estimation error covariance is given by designing the estimator gain. Furthermore, the monotonicity relationship between the trace of the upper bound of estimation error covariance and the fading probability is pointed out from the theoretical aspect. Finally, a simulation example is used to show the effectiveness of developed state estimation algorithm.
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