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descriptor system; robust PI-D controller; state derivative feedback; output feedback; pole placement
The paper deals with the problem of obtaining a robust PI-D controller design procedure for linear time invariant descriptor uncertain polytopic systems using the regional pole placement and/or $H_2$ criterion approach in the form of a quadratic cost function with the state, derivative state and plant input (QSR). In the frame of Lyapunov Linear Matrix Inequality (LMI) regional pole placement approach and/or $H_2$ quadratic cost function based on Bellman-Lyapunov equation, the designed novel design procedure guarantees the robust properties of closed-loop system with parameter dependent quadratic stability/quadratic stability. In the obtained design procedure the designer could use controller with different structures such as P, PI, PID, PI-D. For the PI-D's D-part of controller feedback the designer could choose any available output/state derivative variables of descriptor systems. Obtained design procedure is in the form of Bilinear Matrix Inequality (BMI). The effectiveness of the obtained results is demonstrated on two examples.
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