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Issue 2,  Volume 14, 1973 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

187-195 Generalized-pure-hereditary radical classes of Abelian groups.  Gardner, Barry J.
197-204 The Cantor-Bernstein theorem for functors.  Trnková, Věra; Koubek, Václav
205-213 A note on cardinal invariants of square.  Simon, Petr
215-222 Generalized Markuševič bases.  Vašák, Lubomír
223-229 A remark on $n$-torsion-free modules.  Bican, Ladislav
231-239 Compatible partial orderings in Boolean algebras.  Hansen, Donald Joseph
241-262 Factorization and non-algebraic categories.  Pohlová, Věra
263-277 Nodal filters in semilattices.  Varlet, Jules C.
279-293 Pure measures.  Frolík, Zdeněk; Pachl, Jan
295-303 $QF-3'$ modules and rings.  Bican, Ladislav
305-323 Generation of coreflections in categories.  Vilímovský, Jiří
325-338 Cardinal sums and direct products in Galois connections.  Lisá, Jarmila
339-359 The lattices of numerations of theories containing Peano's arithmetic.  Palúch, Stanislav
361-375 Hyper-extensions of $\sigma$-algebras.  Frolík, Zdeněk
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