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Issue 2,  Volume 29, 1988 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

205-215 A resonance problem for nonlinear Duffing equation.  Drábek, Pavel
217-219 A note on Toeplitz operators on Bergman spaces.  Engliš, Miroslav
221-226 $S(n)$-spaces and $H$-sets.  Stramaccia, Luciano
227-232 Few colored cuts or cycles in edge colored graphs.  Matoušek, Jiří
233-247 Remarks on the structure of tt-degrees based on constructive measure theory.  Demuth, Osvald
249-251 On supertightness and function spaces.  Sakai, Masami
253-254 An integral formula for closed surfaces and a generalization of $Hp$-theorem.  Rotondaro, Giovanni
255-259 On the largest generalized joint spectrum.  Müller, Vladimír; Sołtysiak, Andrzej
261-265 Minimal bounded varieties.  Ježek, Jaroslav
267-278 Maximal ideals in the Lie algebra of vector fields.  Vanžura, Jiří
279-284 Linear fractional transformations and companion matrices.  Pták, Vlastimil
285-291 Existence of solutions for a class of boundary value problems for the equation $x''=F(t, x, x', x'')$.  Tineo, Antonio
293-294 Zur Eindeutigkeitsbedingung von Nagumo.  Lemmert, Roland
295-302 Arithmetical forms of quasigroups.  Němec, Petr
303-308 Commutative Moufang loops corresponding to linear quasigroups.  Němec, Petr
309-318 Morrey-Campanato spaces on manifolds.  Geisler, Michael H. G.
319-349 On the differential and residual entropy.  Katětov, Miroslav
351-354 The class of $\aleph$-spaces is invariant of closed mappings with Lindelöf fibres.  Sun, Shu Hao
355-363 Boundary value problems for evolution inclusions.  Papageorgiou, Nikolaos S.
365-378 Сверхтождвства ассоциативности ранга 1 и его следстия.  Movsisjan, Ju. M.
379-386 Semiprime ideals in orthomodular lattices.  Chevalier, Georges
387-392 Boolean graphs.  Nieminen, Juhani
393 Correction to the paper “A notion of measure for classes in AST”.  Tzouvaras, Athanossios
395 Correction to the paper: “Set-like equivalence and inner and outer cuts”.  Mlček, Josef
397 Two results concerning string graphs.  Kratochvíl, Jan
397-398 Nowhere continuous solutions to elliptic systems.  John, Oldřich; Malý, Jan; Stará, Jana
398 A note on the regularity of autonomous quasilinear elliptic and parabolic systems.  John, Oldřich; Malý, Jan; Stará, Jana
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