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Issue 3,  Volume 30, 1989 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

411-427 Landesman-Lazer conditions for strongly nonlinear boundary value problems.  Boccardo, Lucio; Drábek, Pavel; Kučera, Milan
429-440 Optimal control in coefficients for elliptic variational inequalities and optimality conditions.  Bock, Igor; Lovíšek, Ján
441-446 Estimates on the eigenvalues for some nonlinear ordinary differential operators.  Chiappinelli, Raffaele
447-453 A remark on uniqueness criteria for initial value problem.  Došlá, Zuzana; Došlý, Ondřej
455-464 Remark on the structure of the range of second order nonlinear elliptic operator.  Drábek, Pavel; Tomiczek, Petr
465-477 Mathematical modelling of an electrolysis process.  Feistauer, Miloslav; Kalis, Harijs; Rokyta, Mirko
479-484 Boundedness of global solutions for the heat equation with nonlinear boundary conditions.  Fila, Marek
485-495 Uniform bounds for solutions of a degenerate diffusion equation with nonlinear boundary conditions.  Filo, Ján
497-503 On minimizers with prescribed divergence.  Fuchs, Martin
505-510 On $L_\infty$-convergence of Rothe's method.  Kačur, Jozef
511-523 Fractional integrals on spaces of homogeneous type.  Kokilashvili, Vakhtang M.; Kufner, Alois
525-536 Hysteresis operators - a new approach to evolution differential inequalities.  Krejčí, Pavel
537-550 Two-point boundary value problems for nonlinear perturbations of some singular linear differential equations at resonance.  Mawhin, Jean; Omana, Walo
551-564 Global solution to the ideal compressible heat conductive multipolar fluid.  Nečas, Jindřich; Novotný, Antonín; Šilhavý, Miroslav
565-577 On one class of solvable boundary value problems for ordinary differential equation of $n$-th order.  Půža, Bedřich
579-585 On positive solutions of semilinear elliptic problems.  Quittner, Pavol
587-620 Two examples of the operators with jumping nonlinearities.  Švarc, Rudolf
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