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Issue 2,  Volume 32, 1996 (Archivum Mathematicum)

75-83 On packing of squares into a rectangle.  Novotný, Pavel
85-103 Mappings related to confluence.  Charatonik, J. J.
105-116 A note on regular points for solutions of nonlinear elliptic systems.  Daněček, Josef; Viszus, Eugen
117-121 On the regularity of group algebras.  Bovdi, A. A.; Lángi, T. P.
123-136 Standard homogeneous Einstein manifolds and Diophantine equations.  Nikonorov, Yurii G.; Rodionov, Eugene D.
137-145 Local isometry classes of Riemannian $3$-manifolds with constant Ricci eigenvalues $\rho\sb 1=\rho\sb 2\neq \rho\sb 3 > 0$.  Kowalski, Oldřich; Sekizawa, Masami
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