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Issue 2,  Volume 36, 2000 (Archivum Mathematicum)

77-93 Green's $\mathcal{D}$-relation for the multiplicative reduct of an idempotent semiring.  Pastijn, F.; Zhao, Xianzhong
95-101 Wiener integral in the space of sequences of real numbers.  de Andrade, Alexandre; Ruffino, Paulo R. C.
103-109 A note on some discrete valuation rings of arithmetical functions.  Schwab, Emil D.; Silberberg, Gheorghe
111-124 Smooth bundles of generalized half-densities.  Canarutto, Daniel
125-137 On the generalized boundary value problem.  Rudolf, Boris
139-158 Bounded solutions and asymptotic stability of nonlinear difference equations in the complex plane.  Petropoulou, Eugenia N.; Siafarikas, Panayiotis D.
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