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Issue 3,  Volume 37, 2001 (Archivum Mathematicum)

161-177 Solution of a Cauchy-Jensen stability Ulam type problem.  Rassias, John M.
179-183 Coincidence points and $R$-weakly commuting maps.  Shahzad, Naseer; Kamran, Tayyab
185-206 On projectable objects on fibred manifolds.  Cruceanu, Vasile; Popescu, Marcela; Popescu, Paul
207-231 Lyapunov exponents for stochastic differential equations on semi-simple Lie groups.  Ruffino, Paulo R. C.; San Martin, Luiz A. B.
233-243 Transformation of divergence theorem in dynamical fields.  Karavashkin, Sergey B.
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