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Laguerre operator; semigroup; Hilbert space; functional model
The paper generalizes the instruction, suggested by B. Sz.-Nagy and C. Foias, for operatorfunction induced by the Cauchy problem \[ T_t : \left\lbrace \begin{array}{ll}th^{\prime \prime }(t) + (1-t)h^\prime (t) + Ah(t)=0\\ h(0) = h_0 (th^\prime )(0)=h_1 \end{array}\right.\] A unitary dilatation for $T_t$ is constructed in the present paper. then a translational model for the family $T_t$ is presented using a model construction scheme, suggested by Zolotarev, V., [3]. Finally, we derive a discrete functional model of family $T_t$ and operator $A$ applying the Laguerre transform \[ f(x)\rightarrow \int _0^\infty f(x) \,P_n(x)\,e^{-x} dx \] where $P_n(x)$ are Laguerre polynomials [6, 7]. We show that the Laguerre transform is a straightening transform which transfers the family $T_t$ (which is not semigroup) into discrete semigroup $e^{-itn}$.
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