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Issue 1,  Volume 25, 1975 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

(1c),(1d),(1e) Summaries of articles published in this issue.  
1-3 Commutative semi-primary semigroups.  Lal, Harbans
4-7 A trace inequality for functions of triangular Hilbert-Schmidt operators.  Buoni, John J.
8-19 Заметка о перистых пространствах.  Veličko, Nikolay V.
20-23 On weakly commutative semigroups.  Pondělíček, Bedřich
24-30 On the Silov boundary induced by certain semigroup algebras.  Rothman, Neal J.
31-36 Decomposition of complete graphs into trees.  Haggard, Gary; McWha, Peter
37-66 Linear boundary value type problems for functional-differential equations and their adjoints.  Tvrdý, Milan
67-70 Note on functional-differential equations with initial functions of bounded variation.  Tvrdý, Milan
71-75 Completely decomposable abelian groups any regular subgroup of which is completely decomposable.  Bican, Ladislav
76-78 Note on the theory of independence in continuous geometries.  Löwig, Henry Francis Joseph
79-83 The existence of 2-factors in squares of graphs.  Alavi, Yousef; Chartrand, Gary
84-109 On a heat potential.  Dont, Miroslav
110-133 On a boundary value problem for the heat equation.  Dont, Miroslav
134-147 Adjoint domains and generalized splines.  Brown, Richard C.
148-153 Geodetic graphs of diameter two.  Zelinka, Bohdan
154-159 Über approximative derivierte Zahlen.  Mišík, Ladislav
163-167 News and Notices. In memoriam Professor Miloslav Hampl.  Polášek, Jan
167-168 News and Notices. 1974 State Prize Winner for Mathematics Miloš Zlámal.  
169-170 News and Notices. Second Czechoslovak Symposium on Graph Theory.  
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