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Issue 4,  Volume 27, 1977 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

515-522 Eine Bemerkung zum Kardinalprodukt.  Skula, Ladislav
523-527 О дизъюнктно полных архимедовых полуупорядоченных группах.  Rotkovič, G. Ja.
528-544 Semigroup structure in compactifications of ordered semigroups.  Pym, John S.; Vasudeva, Harkrishan L.
545-551 Pairwise splitting lattice-ordered groups.  Martinez, Jorge
552-555 A generalization of a theorem of Boolean relation matrices.  Chao, Chong-Yun; Winograd, Shmuel
556-559 Families of sets and functions.  Solomon, R. C.
560-572 Erweiterte lokale Ternärringe.  Machala, František
573-590 Koordinatisation projektiver Ebenen mit Homomorphismus.  Machala, František
591-597 On a conjecture of the semigroup of fully indecomposable relations.  Chao, Chong-Yun
598-608 Decompositions of graphs and hypergraphs into isomorphic factors with a given diameter.  Tomasta, Pavel
609-616 Functional approach to the Brelot-Keldych theorem.  Lukeš, Jaroslav
617-618 A remark on systems of maximal cliques of a graph.  Zelinka, Bohdan
619-625 Near reflections.  Srivastava, Arun K.
626-643 Topological categories containing any category of algebras.  Reiterman, Jan; Trnková, Věra
644-662 Asymptotic properties of derivatives of central dispersions of the $k$-th kind for the differential equation $y''=q(t)y$.  Staněk, Svatoslav
663-671 Lattice endomorphisms of $2^X$.  Maxson, Carlton J.; Natarajan, Ponnammal
672 Correction to my paper: “Uniformly distributed sequences mod 1 and Cantor's series representation”.  Galambos, János
673-(678) Summaries of articles published in this issue.  
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