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Issue 4,  Volume 34, 1984 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

(499a)-(499l) Summaries of articles published in this issue.  
499-505 Edge-disjoint 1-factors in powers of connected graphs.  Nebeský, Ladislav
506-527 Large systems of independent objects in concrete categories. I.  Koubek, Václav
528-540 Large systems of independent objects in concrete categories. II.  Koubek, Václav
541-551 On topologies of free groups.  Tkachenko, Mikhail G.
552-561 Spaces of observables.  Pták, Pavel
562-569 Pointwise and order convergence for spaces of continuous functions and spaces of Baire functions.  Tucker, C. T.
570-587 Concerning basic notions of the measurement theory.  Bromek, Tadeusz; Moszyńska, Maria; Prażmowski, Krzysztof
588-597 On the uniqueness of some differential invariants: $d$, $[,]$, $\nabla$.  Krupka, Demeter; Mikolášová, Věra
598-603 Joint essential spectra.  Patel, A. B.; Vidyanagar, Vallabh
604-608 Generalized Archimedean ideals.  Shum, Kar-Ping
609-618 A theory on non-developable generalized ruled surfaces in the elliptic space $E^m$.  Thas, Charles
619-629 Contact problems with bounded friction. Semicoercive case.  Jarušek, Jiří
630-644 Semigroups whose proper subsemigroups are duo.  Cherubini, Alessandra; Varisco, Ada
645-663 Stationary groups of linear differential equations.  Neuman, František
664-669 Sixty years of Professor Miloš Zlámal.  Ráb, Miloš
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