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Issue 2,  Volume 55, 2005 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

273-281 Extensions of $GM$-rings.  Chen, Huanyin; Chen, Miaosen
283-293 On signpost systems and connected graphs.  Nebeský, Ladislav
295-316 On convergence theory in fuzzy topological spaces and its applications.  Nouh, Ali Ahmed
317-340 Boundedness of the solution of the third problem for the Laplace equation.  Medková, Dagmar
341-348 On signed majority total domination in graphs.  Xing, Hua-Ming; Sun, Liang; Chen, Xue-Gang
349-363 Problems with one quarter.  Ohriska, Ján
365-369 Weak chain-completeness and fixed point property for pseudo-ordered sets.  Bhatta, S. Parameshwara
371-392 On commutative twisted group rings.  Mollov, Todor Zh.; Nachev, Nako A.
393-396 Remarks on restrained domination and total restrained domination in graphs.  Zelinka, Bohdan
397-407 On nonregular ideals and $z^\circ$-ideals in $C(X)$.  Azarpanah, F.; Karavan, M.
409-421 Unique $a$-closure for some $\ell$-groups of rational valued functions.  Hager, Anthony W.; Kimber, Chawne M.; McGovern, Warren W.
423-432 Weighted inequalities for integral operators with some homogeneous kernels.  Riveros, María Silvina; Urciuolo, Marta
433-437 Abelian groups which have trivial absolute coGalois group.  Enochs, Edgar E.; Rada, Juan
439-453 Implicative hyper $K$-algebras.  Zahedi, M. M.; Saeid, A. Borumand; Borzooei, R. A.
455-463 On finiteness conditions for Rees matrix semigroups.  Ayik, Hayrullah
465-470 Homomorphic images and rationalizations based on the Eilenberg-MacLane spaces.  Lee, Dae-Woong
471-477 Groups associated with minimal flows.  Lawson, J. D.; Lisan, Amha T.
479-482 Signed domination numbers of directed graphs.  Zelinka, Bohdan
483-498 Singular positone and semipositone boundary value problems of second order delay differential equations.  Jiang, Daqing; Xu, Xiaojie; O'Regan, Donal; Agarwal, Ravi P.
499-501 A polynomial of degree four not satisfying Rolle’s Theorem in the unit ball of $l_2$.  Ferrer, Jesús
503-510 On finitely generated multiplication modules.  Nekooei, R.
511-517 A note on the independent domination number of subset graph.  Chen, Xue-Gang; Ma, De-xiang; Xing, Hua-Ming; Sun, Liang
519-530 Primitive lattice points inside an ellipse.  Nowak, Werner Georg
531-541 Radial solutions of a class of iterated partial differential equations.  Özalp, N.; Çetinkaya, A.
543-544 Correction to the paper “Existence of solutions for the Dirichlet problem with superlinear nonlinearities”.  Nowakowski, Andrzej; Rogowski, Andrzej
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