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Issue 2,  Volume 45, 2009 (Archivum Mathematicum)

79-82 Lower bounds for expressions of large sieve type.  Schlage-Puchta, Jan-Christoph
83-94 On the prime graphs of the automorphism groups of sporadic simple groups.  Khosravi, Behrooz
95-104 A generalization of Steenrod’s approximation theorem.  Wockel, Christoph
105-113 On metrics of positive Ricci curvature conformal to $M\times \mathbf{R}^m$.  Ruiz, Juan Miguel
115-124 Quenching time of some nonlinear wave equations.  N’gohisse, Firmin K.; Boni, Théodore K.
125-135 On some properties of the Picard operators.  Rempulska, Lucyna; Tomczak, Karolina
137-146 Approximation of entire functions of slow growth on compact sets.  Srivastava, G. S.; Kumar, Susheel
147-158 Strong convergence of an iterative method for variational inequality problems and fixed point problems.  Qin, Xiaolong; Kang, Shin Min; Su, Yongfu; Shang, Meijuan
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