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Issue 5,  Volume 29, 1993 (Kybernetika)

Special issue: System Structure and Control. I

(406c) Special issue: System Structure and Control. I.  Kučera, Vladimír
406-416 Feedback realization of open loop diagonalizers.  Eldem, Vasfi
417-422 Some remarks on the Brunovsky canonical form.  Fliess, Michel
423-430 An approach to the Morgan problem.  Zagalak, Petr; Lafay, Jean-François; Loiseau, Jean-Jacques
431-438 Free end-point linear-quadratic control subject to implicit continuous- time systems: Necessary and sufficient conditions for solvability.  Geerts, Ton
439-454 Robust Wiener filtering based on probabilistic descriptions of model errors.  Sternad, Mikael; Ahlén, Anders
455-468 Model reduction methods for chaotic systems.  Hartley, Tom T.; Qammar, Helen K.; Murphy, Larry D.
469-478 Control techniques for chaotic dynamical systems.  Genesio, Roberto; Tesi, Alberto
479-484 Disturbance decoupling for nonlinear systems: A unified approach.  Perdon, A. M.; Zheng, Y. F.; Moog, C. H.; Conte, G.
485-498 Structure at infinity, model matching and disturbance rejection for linear systems with delays.  Malabre, Michel; Rabah, Rabah
499-510 External reachability (reachability with pole assignment by p. d. feedback) for implicit descriptions.  Bonilla, Moisés E.; Malabre, Michel
511-515 MA representation of $l_2$ 2D systems.  Rocha, Paula
516 News.  
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