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Issue 1,  Volume 35, 1999 (Kybernetika)

Special issue: 5th IEEE Mediterranean Conference on Control and Systems

[1] Special issue: 5th IEEE Mediterranean Conference on Control and Systems.  Djaferis, Theodore E.; Demetriou, Michael A.; Ioannou, Petros
[2]-12 Reachability and observability of linear systems over max-plus.  Gazarik, Michael J.; Kamen, Edward W.
[13]-24 Controllability in the max-algebra.  Prou, Jean-Michel; Wagneur, Edouard
[25]-38 Predictability and control synthesis.  Declerck, Philippe
[39]-55 Structured redundancy for fault tolerance in state-space models and Petri nets.  Hadjicostis, Christoforos N.; Verghese, George C.
[57]-67 Fuzzy linear programming via simulated annealing.  Ribeiro, Rita Almeida; Pires, Fernando Moura
[69]-81 $H_\infty$ control design for an adaptive optics system.  Denis, Nikolaos; Looze, Douglas; Huang, Jim; Castañon, David
[83]-91 An application of the expectation-maximization algorithm to interference rejection for direct-sequence spread-spectrum signals.  Zhang, Quan G.; Georghiades, Costas N.
[93]-104 Constrained stabilization of a dynamic systems: a case study.  Blanchini, F.; Cotterli, S.; Koruza, G.; Miani, S.; Siagri, R.; Tubaro, L.
[105]-116 Robust prevention of limit cycles for robustly decoupled car steering dynamics.  Ackermann, Jürgen; Bünte, Tilman
[117]-132 Sampled weighted attraction control of distributed thermal scan welding.  Doumanidis, Charalabos C.
[133]-146 A conservative spectral element method for the approximation of compressible fluid flow.  Black, Kelly
[147] Book reviews.  
[148] News.  
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