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Issue 6,  Volume 36, 2000 (Kybernetika)

[605]-616 Fuzzy querying: issues and perspectives.  Kacprzyk, Janusz; Pasi, Gabriella; Vojtáš, Peter; Zadrożny, Sławomir
[617]-633 Flexible representation and querying of heterogeneous structured documents.  Bordogna, Gloria; Pasi, Gabriella
[635]-655 Fuzzy XML queries via context-based choice of aggregations.  Damiani, Ernesto; Tanca, Letizia; Fontana, Francesca Arcelli
[657]-670 On a fuzzy querying and data mining interface.  Kacprzyk, Janusz; Zadrożny, Sławomir
[671]-687 The similarity of two strings of fuzzy sets.  Andrejková, Gabriela
[689]-705 Fuzzy decision trees to help flexible querying.  Marsala, Christophe
[707]-720 Declarative and procedural semantics of fuzzy similarity based unification.  Vojtáš, Peter
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