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Issue 5,  Volume 42, 2006 (Kybernetika)

517-538 Maximizing multi–information.  Ay, Nihat; Knauf, Andreas
539-556 Nonlinear filtering in spatio–temporal doubly stochastic point processes driven by OU processes.  Prokešová, Michaela; Beneš, Viktor
557-568 Shape factor extremes for prolate spheroids.  Hlubinka, Daniel
569-584 Laslett’s transform for the Boolean model in $\Bbb R^d$.  Černý, Rostislav
585-604 Infinite queueing systems with tree structure.  Fajfrová, Lucie
605-616 SPR0 substitutions and families of algebraic Riccati equations.  Fernández-Anaya, G.; Martínez García, J. C.; Kučera, Vladimír; Aguilar George, D.
617-628 Simplification of the generalized state equations.  Mullari, Tanel; Kotta, Ülle
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