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Issue 6,  Volume 43, 2007 (Kybernetika)

Special issue: Czech and Slovak Twin Seminar in Applied Mathematics 2006

765-766 Special issue: Editorial [Czech and Slovak Twin Seminar in Applied Mathematics 2006].  Beneš, Michal; Kimura, Masato; Nakaki, Tatsuyuki
767-776 Effective computation of restoring force vector in finite element method.  Balazovjech, Martin; Halada, Ladislav
777-788 Uniform a priori estimates for discrete solution of nonlinear tensor diffusion equation in image processing.  Drblíková, Olga
789-796 Gravimetric quasigeoid in Slovakia by the finite element method.  Fašková, Zuzana; Mikula, Karol; Čunderlík, Róbert; Janák, Juraj; Šprlák, Michal
797-806 Rigorous numerics for symmetric homoclinic orbits in reversible dynamical systems.  Hiraoka, Yasuaki
807-815 Computational technique for treating the nonlinear Black-Scholes equation with the effect of transaction costs.  Imai, Hitoshi; Ishimura, Naoyuki; Sakaguchi, Hideo
817-829 Counting number of cells and cell segmentation using advection-diffusion equations.  Frolkovič, Peter; Mikula, Karol; Peyriéras, Nadine; Sarti, Alex
831-840 Application of a multiphase flow code for investigation of influence of capillary pressure parameters on two-phase flow.  Mikyška, Jiří; Illangasekare, Tissa H.
841-854 Dislocation dynamics - analytical description of the interaction force between dipolar loops.  Minárik, Vojtěch; Kratochvíl, Jan
855-867 Finite difference scheme for the Willmore flow of graphs.  Oberhuber, Tomáš
869-877 Bifurcations for Turing instability without SO(2) symmetry.  Ogawa, Toshiyuki; Okuda, Takashi
879-891 Model of pulverized coal combustion in a furnace.  Straka, Robert; Makovička, Jindřich
893-902 A new numerical model for propagation of tsunami waves.  Švadlenka, Karel
903-912 Asymptotic behavior of solutions to an area-preserving motion by crystalline curvature.  Yazaki, Shigetoshi
913-918 On the tangential velocity arising in a crystalline approximation of evolving plane curves.  Yazaki, Shigetoshi
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