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Issue 3,  Volume 36, 1986 (Mathematica Slovaca)

225-228 The linear arboricity of $10$-regular graphs.  Guldan, Filip
229-232 On the product topology associated with semi-closed sets.  Banerjee, Nanda Dulal; Bandyopadhyay, Chhanda
233-239 Some remarks on $\ast$-Baire-like and $b$-$\ast$-Baire-like spaces.  Kąkol, Jerzy
241-244 Neighbourhood tournaments.  Zelinka, Bohdan
245-252 A construction of a CW-decomposition of s-cubes which are manifolds.  Tvarožek, Jozef
253-265 On two problems of quantum logics.  Dvurečenskij, Anatolij
267-281 Measurability of real functions defined on the product of metric spaces.  Kwiecińska, Grażyna
283-288 On the $A$-continuity of real function. II.  Antoni, Jozef
289-296 Orientations of graphs minimizing the radius or the diameter.  Šoltés, Ľubomír
297-312 On $I$-continuity and $I$-semicontinuity points.  Natkaniec, Tomasz
313-321 On extension of Baire vector measures.  Duchoň, Miloslav
323-327 Remarks on the integrability in Banach spaces.  Dobrakov, Ivan
329-333 Criticality concepts in geodetic graphs.  Híc, Pavol
335-339 Životné jubileum profesora Ernesta Jucoviča.  Horňák, Mirko; Jendroľ, Stanislav
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