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Issue 1,  Volume 54, 2004 (Mathematica Slovaca)

I-VIII Professor Sylvia Pulmannová.  Dvurečenskij, Anatolij
1-11 Tensor products of sequential effect algebras.  Gudder, Stan
13-21 On the permanence properties of interval homogeneous orthomodular lattices.  De Simone, Anna; Navara, Mirko
23-42 Lorenzen's theorem for pseudo-effect algebras.  Dvurečenskij, Anatolij
43-48 Isometries of $MV$-algebras.  Jakubík, Ján
49-60 Duality for generalized events.  Frič, Roman
61-67 On the strong law of large numbers on some ordered structures.  Riečan, Beloslav
69-85 The base-normed space of a unital group.  Cook, Thurlow A.; Foulis, David J.
87-108 Quantum computational structures.  Cattaneo, Gianpiero; Dalla Chiara, Maria Luisa; Giuntini, Roberto; Leporini, Roberto
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