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Issue 1,  Volume 136, 2011 (Mathematica Bohemica)

1-8 Boundary value problem with an inner point for the singularly perturbed semilinear differential equations.  Vrábeľ, Róbert
9-23 Properties of relatively pseudocomplemented directoids.  Chajda, Ivan; Kolařík, Miroslav; Švrček, Filip
25-26 A simple proof of Whitney's Theorem on connectivity in graphs.  Zhao, Kewen
27-37 Functigraphs: An extension of permutation graphs.  Chen, Andrew; Ferrero, Daniela; Gera, Ralucca; Yi, Eunjeong
39-49 B-Fredholm and Drazin invertible operators through localized SVEP.  Amouch, M.; Zguitti, H.
51-59 Invariant approximation for fuzzy nonexpansive mappings.  Beg, Ismat; Abbas, Mujahid
61-68 Set colorings in perfect graphs.  Gera, Ralucca; Okamoto, Futaba; Rasmussen, Craig; Zhang, Ping
69-79 Positive solution to a singular $(k,n-k)$ conjugate boundary value problem.  Yao, Qingliu
81-89 Locally spectrally bounded linear maps.  Bendaoud, M.; Sarih, M.
91-103 On algebras of generalized Latin squares.  Katrnoška, František
105-112 Some characterizations of order weakly compact operator.  Aqzzouz, Belmesnaoui; Elbour, Aziz
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