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Issue 4,  Volume 57, 2012 (Applications of Mathematics)

311-331 A new one-step smoothing newton method for second-order cone programming.  Tang, Jingyong; He, Guoping; Dong, Li; Fang, Liang
333-357 On an interaction of two elastic bodies: analysis and algorithms.  Svobodová, Ivona
359-375 Some remarks on two-scale convergence and periodic unfolding.  Franců, Jan; Svanstedt, Nils E M
377-390 On the growth of solutions of some higher order linear differential equations.  El Farissi, Abdallah; Belaidi, Benharrat
391-405 Variance components and an additional experiment.  Kubáček, Lubomír
407-425 Periodic solutions for second order Hamiltonian systems.  Zhang, Qiongfen; Tang, X. H.
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