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Issue 3,  Volume 51, 2015 (Kybernetika)

Special issue dedicated to Ivan Kramosil

389-390 Special issue dedicated to Ivan Kramosil.  
391-407 Several results on set-valued possibilistic distributions.  Kramosil, Ivan; Daniel, Milan
408-419 IT/IS security management with uncertain information.  Klimeš, Cyril; Bartoš, Jiří
420-432 Choquet-like integrals with respect to level-dependent capacities and $\varphi $-ordinal sums of aggregation function.  Mesiar, Radko; Smrek, Peter
433-456 Thin and heavy tails in stochastic programming.  Kaňková, Vlasta; Houda, Michal
457-468 On decision-making in possibility theory.  Vejnarová, Jiřina
469-485 Modeling biased information seeking with second order probability distributions.  Kleiter, Gernot D.
486-507 Rationality principles for preferences on belief functions.  Coletti, Giulianella; Petturiti, Davide; Vantaggi, Barbara
508-524 Generalizations of the noisy-or model.  Vomlel, Jiří
525-539 On computations with causal compositional models.  Bína, Vladislav; Jiroušek, Radim
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