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pseudo-BCI-algebra; directoid; antitone mapping; pseudo-BCI-structure
In Chajda's paper (2014), to an arbitrary BCI-algebra the author assigned an ordered structure with one binary operation which possesses certain antitone mappings. In the present paper, we show that a similar construction can be done also for pseudo-BCI-algebras, but the resulting structure should have two binary operations and a set of couples of antitone mappings which are in a certain sense mutually inverse. The motivation for this approach is the well-known fact that every commutative BCK-algebra is in fact a join-semilattice and we try to obtain a similar result also for the non-commutative case and for pseudo-BCI-algebras which generalize BCK-algebras, see e.g. Imai and Iséki (1966) and Iséki (1966).
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