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Issue 1,  Volume 144, 2019 (Mathematica Bohemica)

1-11 Generalization of the weak amenability on various Banach algebras.  Eshaghi Gordji, Madjid; Jabbari, Ali; Bodaghi, Abasalt
13-24 The multiplier for the weak McShane integral.  Sayyad, Redouane
25-37 Oscillation theorems for third order nonlinear delay difference equations.  Vidhyaa, Kumar S.; Dharuman, Chinnappa; Thandapani, Ethiraju; Pinelas, Sandra
39-67 Polynomials, sign patterns and Descartes' rule of signs.  Kostov, Vladimir Petrov
69-83 Some convergence, stability and data dependency results for a Picard-S iteration method of quasi-strictly contractive operators.  Ertürk, Müzeyyen; Gürsoy, Faik
85-97 On minimal spectrum of multiplication lattice modules.  Ballal, Sachin; Kharat, Vilas
99-112 A useful algebra for functional calculus.  Hemdaoui, Mohammed
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