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Issue 3,  Volume 70, 2020 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

605-629 On sectional Newtonian graphs.  Fan, Zening; Zhao, Suo
631-656 H-conformal anti-invariant submersions from almost quaternionic Hermitian manifolds.  Park, Kwang Soon
657-674 Strongly $(\mathcal {T},n)$-coherent rings, $(\mathcal {T},n)$-semihereditary rings and $(\mathcal {T},n)$-regular rings.  Zhu, Zhanmin
675-691 Generalized Hölder type spaces of harmonic functions in the unit ball and half space.  Karapetyants, Alexey; Restrepo, Joel Esteban
693-709 On the binary system of factors of formal matrix rings.  Chen, Weining; Deng, Guixin; Su, Huadong
711-726 Equicontinuity, shadowing and distality in general topological spaces.  Wang, Huoyun
727-741 Commutant of multiplication operators in weighted Bergman spaces on polydisk.  Abkar, Ali
743-755 A variation of Thompson's conjecture for the symmetric groups.  Abedei, Mahdi; Iranmanesh, Ali; Shirjian, Farrokh
757-765 $q$-analogues of two supercongruences of Z.-W. Sun.  Gu, Cheng-Yang; Guo, Victor J. W.
767-779 Inequalities for general width-integrals of Blaschke-Minkowski homomorphisms.  Li, Chao; Wang, Weidong
781-791 Inequalities for the arithmetical functions of Euler and Dedekind.  Alzer, Horst; Kwong, Man Kam
793-804 Criterion of the reality of zeros in a polynomial sequence satisfying a three-term recurrence relation.  Ndikubwayo, Innocent
805-816 The $p$-nilpotency of finite groups with some weakly pronormal subgroups.  Liu, Jianjun; Chang, Jian; Chen, Guiyun
817-831 Complex symmetric weighted composition operators on the Hardy space.  Jiang, Cao; Han, Shi-An; Zhou, Ze-Hua
833-865 Weighted estimates for commutators of multilinear Hausdorff operators on variable exponent Morrey-Herz type spaces.  Duong, Dao Van; Dung, Kieu Huu; Chuong, Nguyen Minh
867-880 Solutions to conjectures on a nonlinear recursive equation.  Öcalan, Özkan; Duman, Oktay
881-890 New estimates for the first eigenvalue of the Jacobi operator on closed hypersurfaces in Riemannian space forms.  Liu, Jiancheng; Mi, Rong
891-903 Some results on Poincaré sets.  Tang, Min-wei; Wu, Zhi-Yi
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